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- Sven Lundh, Källemo

Everything we surround ourselves with affects us. Even furniture. Källemo's ambition is to produce long-term sustainable furniture. Furniture that "stand the wear of the eye", resisting temporary trends and whose design continues to interest. An immateriality that cannot be administered. It comes from within and is recognized by gifted designers.

To achieve this, experience and knowledge are required from both designers and producer. The designers Källemo collaborates with share this perception. And in every collaboration, there is an expressed desire for longevity and agreement on perseverance.

Since the 1970s, Källemo's collection have been aimed at architects and retailers who share this view of quality and work long-term. They have both the knowledge and the desire to convey qualified design and create environments that stand the test of time.

Our shared responsibility for the environment is of utmost importance. Locally produced, environmental thinking in every step, work and production conditions... All of this is obvious for most companies today. Thank goodness. But the most important question is still what is being produced. What ultimately consumes production resources must be sustainable. On all levels. Objects that we tire of doesn't have a long life. We don't maintain them, we don't renovate. Most importantly, it must "stand the wear of the eye," as Källemo's founder Sven Lundh expressed it. This is Källemo's foundation.

Källmo Sven Lundh. Vi tillverkar objekt som är menade att överleva tiden – estetiskt, konstnärligt, fysiskt och metafysiskt.
Bordet Ettore formgivet av Åsa Jungnelius producerat av Källemo. Ett objekt som vann priset Born Classic när det gavs ut.

Källemo has its roots in Småland and was founded in 1973 by the art and design entrepreneur Sven Lundh. Today, Källemo is owned and operated by Sven's daughter Karin Lundh - a family commitment that carries forward Källemo's values and visions.


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