about Källemo

Furniture is a concept with a will of its own conveying an expression.

Our ambition is to work with designers and artists who are aware of what quality stands for-accomplishment unaffected by trends – sustainable quality.

Our father Sven Lundh (1925-2015), the founder of Källemo in its present form said: “An object shall stand the wear of the eye!” That’s where the toughest wear is.

From the outset sustainability has been vital for us — decades before the term was launched. We produce objects to last over time — esthetically, artistically, physically and metaphysically. We engage in long term collaborations with gifted designers and artists who share our vision — but who also have the ability of surprising and challenging us, contributing their own personal expressions.

A combination of high-tech and low-tech distinguishes many of our products. We believe in the precision of cutting edge technology — but equally in that it is the hand that applies the final personal, magic touch. Craft and tactile materiality.

We work in close collaboration with local suppliers (over thirty of partner companies within a fifty-kilometer radius).

In the eighties and nineties, Källemo pioneered the market by presenting limited edition, artistic furniture objects by a number of designers and artists such as Jonas Bohlin and Mats Theselius. Many of these have become contemporary classics and museum pieces.

We honor this tradition and believe in the idea of furniture and design as art and vice versa — in the notion that the objects which we surround us with must fulfill immaterial and artistic as well as material and practical needs.

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Källemo is a furniture company based in Värnamo in the Småland region in south Sweden, originally founded 1947. In 1971, Källemo was taken over by art and design entrepreneur Sven Lundh, who developed the company and brand into its present form.

Källemo remains a family company owned and operated since 1996 by Sven Lundh’s son Erik Lundh and daughter Karin Lundh.