Anna Kraitz

Formgjuten stomme med ben och armstöd i massiv svarvad ek.
Dragkedja i ryggen.
Klädd i tyg eller läder.

Art. 738,  H103 B72 DJ82 SH42 cm



small annakraitz


    • Nääs Fabriker, Göteborg
    • Nääs Fabriker, Göteborg
    • Björn, AXJO, Gislaved

      “IT WAS REALLY QUITE SIMPLE. I made a chair for my daughter Beatrix a few years ago. Now I wanted my son Björn to have one too. Surely it was due to the season that I came up with the idea to portray him in a winter overall, when threading it onto him in the morning before going to daycare. I like to work with those golden everyday moments. It even has a zipper in the back like an overall so you can easily change the upholstery. I wanted to portray Björn — it actually looks quite like him! — and to have a chair that is comfortable to sit in. Furniture and bodies, they’re quite similar. A body with clothes — a warm embrace to sit down in. It’s really an easy chair designed to be inviting to relax in, read a book — something that I myself am very bad at doing…”

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