Mats Theselius

Kopparplåt. Kopparbehandlade ben.
Klädd i Tärnsjöläder.
Karm i naturell bok alt. laserad valnöt eller svart.
Alt. massiv karm i ek.
Rygg och sits i kallskum.

Art. 239,  H70 B60 DJ62 SH45 cm


small thesilius


Nääs Fabriker, Göteborg

Nääs Fabriker, Göteborg

“THE IDEA FOR THIS CHAIR goes back to cubism and early `machine´ functionalism — Juan Gris, Braque, Le Corbusier. This is imagery that I surrounded myself with in those days. I started with the cylinder, which was used for staircases in classic functionalist architecture. Many years later, quite recently, I realize that drums had been another source of inspiration. Music has always been a big part of my life, I play all instruments, and now I see clearly that the chair’s back legs are inspired by drum sets. You can call it a kind of `metal shop romanticism´. I even constructed a special tool to form the cylinder metal sheets, which in the end Källemo didn’t need to use. Some of the screws on the exterior were actually fake ones welded onto the metal surface to elevate this effect.

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